ZBL Far-infrared energy saving heater

2020/10/30 14:47:17

 1. Product introduction

High efficiency energy-saving heater  also known as: plastic machine heater, energy-saving heater, injection molding machine heater, extruder heater. which can replace ceramic band heater, casting  aluminum band heater,   stainless steel heater. It is an electric heater that uses high-quality resistance wire to generate heat energy and produce far-infrared ray through high-purity quartz far-infrared radiation tube to radiate heat to the screw barrel of plastic processing equipment. The outer shell of the heater adopts space grade insulation layer and multilayer nano reflective coating, which makes it have high heat conversion rate, good energy saving effect and low surface temperature.

2.Application of heater

High efficiency and energy-saving heater  is suitable for injection molding machine, sheet extruder, plate extruder, profile extruder, hollow blow molding machine, parallel twin-screw extruder, conical twin-screw extruder, wire drawing machine, film blowing machine, granulator and other plastic machinery and related food machinery.