Product description

Injection molding machine energy-saving drying hopper also known as: energy-saving hopper dryer, energy-saving hopper drying bucket.Hopper dryer is an effective and economical equipment for drying plastic raw materials. It can simply dry the wet plastic raw materials in the process of packaging, transportation or recycling.Energy-saving drying hopper can be directly installed on the plastic molding machine for drying plastic raw materials, not only high drying efficiency and space saving.

Product show


1. the material of the whole machine is made of stainless steel,

2. The dryer adopts PID intelligent temperature control table to prevent temperature control error and material damage.

3. The structure, specification and size of the energy-saving drying hopper are the same as that of the ordinary hopper, which can directly replace the original drying hopper.

4. the energy saving drying hopper can save energy at 30%.

5.Lower temperature of surface and the external temperature is below 40℃.


1.If there is a problem and you can't find the manufacturer to repair it?
   We have a professional design and R&D team, a number of invention patents, more than 20 years of production experience, which can be customized according to customer requirements and drawings
2.The product has a short service life.
   Solution: Anjieneng energy-saving dryer is made of stainless steel for long life, durable brand electrical components, fast heat dissipation, large area and long life of special customized heating pipes
3.Product quality and performance
   High standards of product quality, reliability, durability and other aspects, as well as the product has sufficient market competitiveness.
4.Price and profit
   Give the distributor a purchase price for the product to ensure that they can make enough profits
5.Is your order delayed? Contact the shipper and there is no answer?
   We have a long-term and stable logistics team, and the company has a professional logistics and transportation department, which responds in a timely manner and quickly finds the transportation path of goods



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