Product description

 High-efficiency energy saving heater uses high quality resistance wire to generate heat energy,the electric heater for radiating thr barral of the plastic machine.The heater's inner adopts space flight thermial insulation layer and multilayer nano reflector coating.It is the most advanced heater in plastic machinery industry.Nano Infrared Heater generates high heat by high-resistance wires which is reflected by quartz halogen heating tubes. It has high thermal efficiency, excellent energy-saving effect and quite low heater surface temperature.

Product's nameFar-infrared energy saving heater
FeatureEnergy saving and easy to install
Warranty2 years
Injection molding machine

Product features
1.Heating fast:came to 1000℃ within 1 minute,keep 800℃ in the long time.
2.Free energy-saving renovation program,2 years warranty,pre-sales service.

3.The surface temperature is lower than 70℃,lower the workshop temperature.

4.Saving energy 30%-70% for plastic products manufacture.Reduing the producing cost,and inprove at least more than 10% net profit.

5,Leading the development of real tube replacement repari technology,replacement within 10 minutes,no need return to the factory repair.

6.Adopt snap-on quick installation,can directly replace the original band heater.


Pls provide the below specification when inquiry


  1. Diameter and length(mm)

  2. Voltage and total power

  3. Type of leads and length

  4. Quantity

  5. njection molding machine's weight



Q1. Any discount?
At first, the price we quote are all wholesale price. Meanwhile, our best price will be offered according to the order quantity,

so please tell us your purchase quantity when you inquire.
Q2. Are you a manufacturer?
Yes, we are manufacturer/factory.
Q3. What about the warranty of the products?
2 years warranty, during the period, non-human factors caused, we can repair for free
Q4. What the sample cost?
Please contact our sales, and tell them your required models, they will check the sample cost for you.



About us

Qingdao Zhongbangling Electric Co.,LTD was  established in 2001 by Mr. Liu,  Chairman of  the Board, and a group of electric  heater experts. Company's head-quater is located in Qingdao China.

We own electric  heater experienced employees with some of them have been working in the field over 20 years.

For further information, please refer to attached our company brochure.Kindly advise us your latest requirement so that we can work on a quotation accordingly.

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