What is the reason why the temperature of plastic dryer can not reach

2021/12/13 10:50:55

What is the reason why the temperature of plastic dryer can not reach?

Various situations often occur in the auxiliary machines equipped with injection molding machines and extruders. For example, plastic

dryers are also called (hopper dryers, energy-saving dryers. When using the dryers, there will be problems that do not heat or do not

reach the set temperature. What are the reasons for this?

First of all, let  me  talk about the main reasons why the plastic dryer does not heat up. For example, the actual temperature of the

plastic dryer is 56 degrees, and the set temperature is 95 degrees, which cannot reach the required temperature. At this time We open the lid above the plastic dryer.

1. See if the heating contactor is closed. After opening the power distribution cabinet, you can see that the contactor is not closed.

However, there is a heating signal output on the control panel (the heating indicator light is on and shows that it is working).

The best solution to this situation is to use the voltage measurement method. The fault can be found quickly by using the voltage

measurement method, and the root cause can be clearly understood in any position. The specific operation steps for checking the voltage are: Make the voltmeter to measure whether there is a voltage of 220 volts on

the contactor, whether there is a voltage of 220 volts on the upper end of the auxiliary head of the fan, and then whether there is a

voltage output on the control board? If there is no voltage output at this time, it can be suspected that the relay is not in good contact.

This is correct from the original judgment. Measuring voltage is a faster and accurate method. 2. If the above one is normal and there is no such situation, continue to check whether the heating pipe is broken. If it does not heat, check

whether the heating pipe is burnt out.

3. If there is no heating, first check whether the heating AC contactor is burnt out and not powered on, then check whether the heating tube

is burnt out, and finally whether the thermostat itself is broken. Combined with the drying temperature of the raw materials, the temperature

near the screen-protecting separator that will not agglomerate shall be considered. In combination with practical experience, it flows and falls

into the forming machine. When the temperature is too high, the raw materials flow through the high. The above three situations can quickly find out several factors that can't reach the temperature of the energy-saving stainless steel plastic dryer.