Product description

Also known as: energy-saving heater, injection molding machine heater, extruder heater, is the use of high quality resistance wire to generate heat, through the high purity quartz far-infrared radiation tube to generate infrared radiation, the plastic processing equipment for radiation heating electric heater.The heater space flight grade insulation and multiple layers of nano reflection layers, resulting in high heat conversion, good energy saving and low surface temperature.

Product features
1. Improve electric  thermal conversion rate – over 99.8% (nano carbon silicon material) .
2. Improve heat transmission efficiency (zero medium heat radiation, specific wave length infrared radiation).
3. Reduce heat loss (thick nano insulation layer).
4. Energy-saving rate: 30%-70%.
5. Surface temperature is around 50℃- significantly improves workshop environment.
6. Simple installation – just like installing normal resistance heaters.
7. SUS cover which is stable and long usage life.


Packing :by wooden or by carton

Shipping:by sea, by air,by express

Delivery time:witnin 7-10 days,which depend on the quantity  ordered


Q1. Any discount?
At first, the price we quote are all wholesale price. Meanwhile, our best price will be offered according to the order quantity,so please tell us your purchase quantity when you inquire.
Q2. Are you a manufacturer?
Yes, we are manufacturer/factory.
Q3. What about the warranty of the products?
2 years warranty, during the period, we will responsible for the amage due to the defects in manufacturing.
Q4. What the sample cost?
Please contact our sales, and tell them your required models, they will check the sample cost for you.



we have take part in some exhibitions,including Shanghai Elegant exhibition,Thailand exhibition,Guangzhou 

enhibition and so on.In enbition,we meet some friend,In exhibiion,We discuss our culture,products and interest. 

Nice to meet our foreign friend.

About us

QingDao ZhongBangLing Electric Co., Ltd. Established in 2001. It is located in E9-west zone,jiaozhou,

steel market,qingdao shandong,china,266300. Covering an Area of 1200 square meters. We are a

dedicated provider of the most professional industrial products and industrial automation solutions for

global users.We are supplier of  electric heater for plastic machine,such as ceramic band heater,mica

band heater,nano energy saving heater and fan and so on.


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