The basic way of using engynent can automatic suction machine

2024/03/04 11:17:51

1. Press the watch icon key to select the operation function (C1, C2, C3 & C4), and then press the upper and lower keys to set the appropriate suction time (the general material setting time is 20 seconds).

2. Press the RUN key to turn on the filler operation. When you want to turn on, press the RUN key to stop the filler operation.

3. Press the upper and lower keys at the same time to manually reverse the cleaning filter.

1. When the machine is not inhaled or the motor is overloaded, it will automatically stop and issue a warning sound. Press the Run key at this time. After the material is added or the fault is excluded, the normal operation can be restored. (If the motor is displayed -then reset after power off).

2. Please remove the air filter and door filter regularly to keep the suction smoothly.