Qingdao Zhongbangling National Certification

2018/09/11 15:17:00

Qingdao Zhongbangling National Patents

Far-Infrared energy saving heater use high quality resistance wire to generate heat energy and producing far-infrared ray through high-purity quartz tube, the electric heater for radiating the barrel of the plastic machine.The heater's cover adopts spaceflight thermal insulation layer and multilayer nano reflector coating. It has high heat conversion rate, good energy saving effect and low surface temperature. It is the most advanced heater in plastic machinery industry in China.

After years of technological research and development and product's innovation, our company has developed a patented product of replaceable heating elements. And mastered the relationship between the blackbody and radiation heating, and successfully applied it to the new generation of products. The core technology has been applied for related patents.